Framed image of the MDUK conference getting the opportunity to sit and chat with Sue Barker and Gabby Logan. Abbie (6) is sitting on my partners knee in the background while we chat about campaigns

A Year in Review – 2018

A look back on what I can only describe as the best year of my adult life. Everything from campaign goals, life-long friendships to awards… Continue reading A Year in Review – 2018

I Risk My Life Everytime I Venture Out | #FitToBurst

Did the title grab your attention? No, it wasn’t clickbait. No, I’m not being dramatic and no, there isn’t another way out of this vicious cycle that I haven’t spent 14 years trying to make work to improve my situation. “ My name is Fi, I’m a 30 year old Mum of 2 little girls living in Bolton, Greater Manchester and I was born with an extremely rare, progressive muscle-wasting condition. I am totally dependant on a powerchair to mobilise, am completely non-ambulatory (unable to walk) and need help with most aspects of daily life. Including toileting. “ Maybe that … Continue reading I Risk My Life Everytime I Venture Out | #FitToBurst