Collage thumbnail image. On the left it reads 'Sport on the Square' inside a football net graphic, beneath "An inclusive approach to sport for the whole family' embraced by both a family symbol and wheelchair and below this the Bolton Council logo. On the right is a sneak peek of two photos from the day. The first is my 6 year old nephew trying archery and and 2nd is my 6 year old daughter riding in circles on a large 3 wheeler trike.

‘Sport on the Square’ 3-day Festival #Bolton | Accessibility Review ♿

Come along for the ride through this detailed post on ‘Sport on the Square,’ a local 3-day festival focusing on keeping families in the borough active. Taking out the guess work by giving you the inside scoop on how accessible and inclusive the event is for families with a wide range of disabilities such as ours. Continue reading ‘Sport on the Square’ 3-day Festival #Bolton | Accessibility Review ♿

Tips for the Disabled eBay Buyer / Seller

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? From car boot sales, to 2 for 1 in Poundland to bundles of whatever you could ever want on eBay for a fraction of the RRP. I know I do! When I ventured into the land of Online shopping and opened a PayPal account, eBay was one of the first ventures I wanted to explore. Hearing the possibilities are endless and the bargains other people were getting, I just had to see what all the hype was. Now I’ve been an avid eBay Buyer/Seller for 12 years. Sold over 3500 second hand items and … Continue reading Tips for the Disabled eBay Buyer / Seller