I am on a mission to make lifeofanambitiousturtle.co.uk as user friendly as possible. As a person with a disability and disability having a big role in my posts, it’s only right the website should have accessibility features.

I like to receive input from persons with visual, hearing and sensory challenges as to how easy the blog is to access and am open to constructive criticism.


Q. What accessibility features does this blog have?

A. The ‘Life Of An Ambitious Turtle’ blog has Image Description on every blog post for visually impaired readers.


Q. What features are in the pipeline? 

A. I’m looking into how to add an audio version of each post.



Q. Do I write pieces for any other blogs or organisations?

A. I have been a contributor for The Mighty since Nov 17. I also write for or Disability HorizonsAccess Advisr and guest blog for Mum On A Mission and soon to be Rollin’ with Mama


Q. Where can you find my other work?

A. You can go to my author contributor page with The Mighty by clicking here;

I will add links to the other two once published.


Q. What articles/publications have I contributed to or been mentioned in? 

A. Here is a brief list;

VICTORY in fight for dispensers to be put in ALL toilets in Bolton

12.03.2019 By Helen Vesty

The Bolton woman campaigning for period product dispensers in accessible toilets 

08.03.2019 By Helen Vesty



‘It’s horrifically painful’; the disabled women forced into medically unneccasary surgery

06.08.18 by Dr Frances Ryan of The Guardian


Q. Am I linked-up with any popular blogger linkys? If so, which are my favourites?

A. I frequently link up with the following linkys of various catagories;


Lucy At Home


Twin Mummy and Daddy


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