Life of an Ambitious Turtle 🐢 Favourites | June 2018

Decided to jump on the bandwagon with a favourites series as I often get alot of questions on Instagram on where I got this or that and where we’ve ventured to lately. So welcome to the first installment of my monthly “Favourites” series… Fashion Now that both my littles are in school and nursery, I’m starting to get a bit of “me” back. Every Mum goes through the realisation after the first few years that you find yourself so neck deep in Motherhood before you know it, you’ve lost what made you – you. Before I became a Mum, I … Continue reading Life of an Ambitious Turtle 🐢 Favourites | June 2018

Top 5 Rainy Day Activities For Visually Impaired Children

It’s difficult to keep typically developing children from becoming bored and literally losing their minds on a wild, windy and wet day. Though when you have a SEN child with a visual impairment, you have to think outside the box to come up with appropriate activities that are suitable for their level of sight loss, yet aren’t too easy that they’ll get bored quickly but rather helps them build on a skill, all the while and most importantly being FUN! My eldest daughter Abbie is 5 and she was born with a genetic degenerative eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa (or … Continue reading Top 5 Rainy Day Activities For Visually Impaired Children

Dear Disney | Why my children will Never experience the Magic…

In support of the recent campaign by Laura Moore AKA Mum On A Mission to get Walt Disney World/Disneyland resorts to see the dire need of ‘Changing Places‘ toilet facilities in their parks, I wrote an open letter to Disney explaining the sad reality behind exactly why my children will Never get to experience the magic like every other kid does in their childhood. Mum On A Mission in the Media; Mum SLAMS Disney after having to change severely disabled son on toilet floor Dear Disney, My name is Fi and I’m a 29yr old Mum of two little girls … Continue reading Dear Disney | Why my children will Never experience the Magic…

The Disabled Blogger Tag

A big thank you to my friend Emma over at (Top UK travel + disability blogger) for inviting me to answer some awesome questions as part of the only Disabled Blogger Tag. A Q + A series created by Elin from My Blurred World specifically for disabled bloggers! 1. When and why did you start your blog? I started this blog in August 2017, although I’ve had many blogs over the years I’ve never gone public with. They were more a personal outlet of my troubles. Starting ‘Life of an Ambitious Turtle’ was a whole other kettle of fish! … Continue reading The Disabled Blogger Tag

Best Sabinal Hotel, Roquetas de Mar | Accessibility Review ♿

In 2016 we embarked on what some may say was a very ambitious adventure of our 1st family holiday. Reason being we aren’t your average family of 4 with just budgeting and small children to contend with (both of which are hard enough!) Put in the fact I, their Mother am a full-time wheelchair user and a full-time powerchair user at that and our holiday just got a lot more complicated and sadly, a lot more expensive… Upcoming in this series focusing around our family holiday to Costa Almeria;Air Travel with a Wheelchair + ChildrenComparing Budget and Disabled Holiday WebsitesGetting Around Costa Almeria … Continue reading Best Sabinal Hotel, Roquetas de Mar | Accessibility Review ♿

What We Got Upto | Easter Holidays

[THUMBNAIL: The girls bundled up feeding the ducks at the park] Every parent looks forward to the much anticipated (and well deserved!) rest from the mondane mandatory task of the school run! The guilt eats at us during term time as we feel we hardly see our littles and don’t always have to means to spoil them at the weekends. Yet somehow feel equally guilty turning the holidays/half-terms when we, like many British familys with the current economy, just don’t have the means to splurge on extortionate day trips to Alton Towers, Butlins or a weekend caravan holiday in Wales. … Continue reading What We Got Upto | Easter Holidays