Photo of a Mercedes Sprinter with tail-gate wheelchair ramp deployed with a wheelchair user icon with long hair boarding. In the passenger window is the emoji family to represent my partner and two little girls. Above the van is a childlike drawing of a rainbow and sunshine.

First Driving Experience|Motability Journey

Part 2 of my Motability Journey series. In this blog I get behind the wheel for the first time in my life, being plunged in at the deep end with a beast of a WAV (wheelchair accessible vehicle) and am assessed on my capability to drive with high tech controls as somebody with a progressive, muscle-wasting condition. Do I pass or fail? Read to find out… Continue reading First Driving Experience|Motability Journey

Collage thumbnail image. On the left it reads 'Sport on the Square' inside a football net graphic, beneath "An inclusive approach to sport for the whole family' embraced by both a family symbol and wheelchair and below this the Bolton Council logo. On the right is a sneak peek of two photos from the day. The first is my 6 year old nephew trying archery and and 2nd is my 6 year old daughter riding in circles on a large 3 wheeler trike.

‘Sport on the Square’ 3-day Festival #Bolton | Accessibility Review ♿

Come along for the ride through this detailed post on ‘Sport on the Square,’ a local 3-day festival focusing on keeping families in the borough active. Taking out the guess work by giving you the inside scoop on how accessible and inclusive the event is for families with a wide range of disabilities such as ours. Continue reading ‘Sport on the Square’ 3-day Festival #Bolton | Accessibility Review ♿

Physio After 18 | Incurable muscle-wasting conditions ¦ Part I

Here in the UK on the NHS, physiotherapy for progressive muscle-wasting conditions stop once you reach age 18. The way it was told to my parents was that the NHS could no longer justify the cost of weekly/fortnightly therapy that would never better the young persons ultimately incurable condition, despite if maintain physiotherapy benefited the individual in some shape or form. Here’s my story trying to re-access this vital therapy… Continue reading Physio After 18 | Incurable muscle-wasting conditions ¦ Part I

My Rare Complications from Scoliosis Surgery

*SENSITIVE CONTENT* I open up about the rare lifelong complications of my Spinal Fusion surgery I underwent aged 14 for severe Scoliosis. When the chronic pain began exactly, how it’s changed over the years, what my medical team and I have trialled to manage it, aswell as coming to terms with the very real likelihood I’ll live with it for the rest of my life. Continue reading My Rare Complications from Scoliosis Surgery