Campaigns & Projects

I’m proud to be apart of some pretty amazing disability and parenting campaigns that strive to make a substantial impact in society. Whether it be attitudes or access, the following campaigns and projects are incredibly close to my heart!

MDUK Trailblazers

In 2011 I joined a revolutionary campaign group for young disabled people aged 16-35 connected to a charity close to my heart – Muscular Dystrophy UK! Amongst their many important disability rights and access campaigns, I chose to partner with other people with muscle-wasting conditions in the following;

Changing Places Campaign – #FitToBurst – 
Shining a spotlight on how ¼ of a MILLION disabled people cannot use standard ‘disabled toilets’

Locked-Out – 
Tackling the #hiddenhousingcrisis in the UK due to the lack of accessible properties 

Lights, Camera, Access! – 
Focusing on accessibility in modern day cinemas

End Of The Line –
A national campaign to improve access to and on public transport for people with disabilities

Parenting With A Disability

In early 2018 my blogs on how I parent with a profound disability had started to circulate. Through word of mouth and opening eyes to the struggles disabled parents face, I started to get offered some campaign, interview and guest blog opportunities on the “Mummy Blogger” scene. Including:

Writing for Disability Horizons –
An extremely popular independant living, accessible travel and lifestyle online magazine within the disabled community. Sharing with their large audience articles on useful products, services and independant living advocacy that helped me reach my full potential as a disabled Mum.

Becoming a Mumsnet Blogger –
Pairing up with the very popular Mummy online forum and sharing content with them on my life as a disabled Mum.

Working with Mama Mio Skincare on their #ExpectingChange Campaign –
In July 2018 I appeared on a panel in London, to bring diversity into the dicusssion on their new campaign to encourage more people to give up a seat to pregnant women on public transport. 

The Minicore Project

This is something I have been passionate about since a young child growing up with such a rare muscle-wasting condition. To date there is only 2,000 documented cases of Multiminicore Myopathy in the world. So far researchers are still trying to understand the condition, the genetics and therefore sadly we are nowhere near any potential clinical trials for future treatments. Noticing a severe lack of support for the affected families, with no dedicated charity to speak of. I made it my mission to offer a support and information resource for families – The Minicore Project. Since it’s launch in 2011, we’ve managed to locate and connect 300 families around the world with the diagnosis, provide the most upto date patient friendly fact sheets. We are in the process of organising the first ever meet-up for the 12 families in the UK and thereafter the goal is to officially register as the 1st charity specifically for this form of Muscular Dystrophy. 

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