ADEPTNA Electric Blanket | An Honest Review

Photo of a neatly folded grey quilted fleece electric blanket with white corded remote control with digital display. Text beside it reads "corpse feet approved?!" with a green thumbs up and red thumbs down
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As somebody who gets cold very easily due to poor circulation from being immobile/ a full-time wheelchair user, I’ve struggled for years to come up with a solution to keep comfortably warm without acquiring extortionate heating bills! So when my good friend and fellow disability blogger Kerry Thompson of ‘My Life, Kerry’s Way’ recommended I invest in a heating blanket, claiming purchasing one herself was a total game-changer to a life with corpse feet (an affectionate term adopted by non-other than #MDBloggersCrew Carrie Aimes), I had nothing to lose and here I am ready to give you lovely people an honest review…

What a scorcher!

When I first set off on a hot pursuit (quite literally) on Google for a heated blanket, naturally I was looking for one that had been around the block for a while and had the guarantee of a solid brand name in the field of either bedding or electricals, or both if there was such a thing. That’s when I came across the Silentnight Comfort Control electric blanket. It ticked all the right boxes, what with it’s huge brand backing, solid reviews and warming stock photos. Sadly, nothing could be further than the truth for this health hazard!

Stock image of the Silentnight Comfort Control electric blanket. A solid navy box with the Silentnight logo, next to it the blanket is neatly folded with the controller ontop

The Mr bought me the single version of the Silentnight Comfort Control as it was on sale in Asda for £16, comparing to the online retail price of £25+. Isn’t he lovely?! With it being the dead of winter too and the fact he shares a bed with the real life ice queen, it was well worth the investment for him too! Although it was bought with the best of intentions, we both were disappointed from the moment we got it out of the packaging.

Firstly it was very stiff and resembled a DIY blanket. Imagine the size of a beach towel and just as thin, made of craft felt with hard wiring zigzagging up and down making it ridged and not very “comforting” whatsoever, then imagine somebody has used a hot glue gun to glue to wiring onto the cheap craft felt and to seal the edging, that is exactly how this product is. It didn’t mould to me as you’d expect a blanket would, it lay kinked up in the air leaving huge gaping holes and warmth could only truly be felt at the points it actually touched my body e.g my knees (as I lay with my knees bent up) and my upper chest, the rest of this so called “blanket” was suspended like a tent. The controller is NOT friendly to somebody with dexterity weakness as it’s a clunky slider button with 3 heat settings, sadly I had to rely on my other half or PAs to control something I should easily be independent with. This in itself is dangerous as I soon discovered – the hard way…

This so called blanket met its untimely demise when it scolded my knees after being on #2 for only 15 minutes and hubby couldn’t get to me quick enough when I buzzed him to say; “It’s burning me! Come quick!” Feeling ever so guilty, he immediately tossed it. It was nobody’s fault, however as with any mistake we tend to learn lots from them.

1. It shouldn’t scold you or get near that hot on medium setting in that short space of time.

2. If their controller was more disability friendly I could of turned it off myself before my knees got burnt. God knows how an elderly person with arthritic hands is supposed to use it, as in it’s description it claims it’s an “excellent Christmas gift for Grandma,” pfft yeh if you want to put your poor gran in A&E sure!

In conclusion to that horror story, don’t buy that! Despite it’s one of the first blankets to surface when you Google “electric blankets” because they are a health and safety risk for people with disabilities, poorly made and designed in a nutshell.

Gotta weed through the bad to get to the good!

It was a few months later of return of the corpse feet, (wouldn’t that be a great horror movie title?), before I found myself floating about on Amazon to see if all electric blankets were are hard as cement with cumbersome controllers. That’s when I found myself sucked into the outstanding reviews of the ADEPTNA Double Electric Blanket!

ADEPTNA fleece electric blanket in dark grey and quilted look is folded neatly with the digital controller ontop.
Dark grey version of the ADEPTNA fleece electric blanket.

The catalog images were heaps better, actually being able to see the blanket in action draped over some woman curled up on a sofa. It looked like a blanket should look on the human body, check! It was made of fleece not cheap craft felt, check! Digital controller with automatic shut off after 1/2/3 hours, BLOODY GENIUS!

This electric blanket comes in a wide array of attractive colours including cream, chocolate brown, dark grey and silver. I chose silver as I’m working on our bedroom decor at the moment and wanted it to fit well. It has 6, yes I’ll repeat that, SIX, heat settings. 1 being the least amount of heat and 6 the hottest, then you also have the option of setting it to stay on the heat setting of your choice for upto 3 hours before auto shut off, or for as long as you need with no timer. You can easily detach the controller and wiring and pop it in the washing machine as well, which is excellent as most electric blankets either you cannot machine wash or it’s a right palava de-wiring and they you can put it back together quite the same.

I’ll never look back…

I’ve not regretted purchasing this brand and model one bit I’m pleased to announce. It is oh so soft to the touch, you wouldn’t be able to tell there’s heating wiring inside unless you were probing for it. I got the size double for extra bagginess and love how it can fit just me or hubby together. The circulation in my legs and feet has improved tenfold now this blanket is part of my night care routine. As soon as I’m out of my chair after being in it for 12/16 hours, my legs are often very swollen with fluid retention from lack of movement and bluish/purple and grey mottledness, but once I’ve been under this blanket for 10 minutes my legs and feet are a healthy pink. The warmth also acts as a pain reliever for my sciatica and aching from the fluid build-up, so as you can see it’s health benefits for somebody who has very little mobility is amazing!

Want one of your own or buy for a loved one/friend? You can find it on Amazon here

Got something that’s been a game-changer for you health wise? Sharing is caring… hope to see you in the comments.

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  1. Hey Fi, no idea wether they would work for you but have you heard of heated insoles for your shoes? I’ve been meaning to get myself a pair for ages and never quite got round to it, maybe with all this free time on my hands I’ll finally order some! x


  2. Does your blog have a contact page? I’m having a tough time locating it but, I’d like to shoot you an email. I’ve got some recommendations for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great site and I look forward to seeing it expand over time.

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    1. You can contact me via the ‘Let’s Work Together’ tab at top right hand side of my blog. Hope this helps and I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂 – Fi


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