20 Disabled Vloggers That Will Inspire & Educate You

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From being a teenager, I never did outgrow my love for YouTube – even now with the off-putting ad breaks in the videos. The perfect end to a hectic day is to grab a cuppa, the tablet and binge watch my favourite vloggers. Disabled vloggers more specifically… See I’m a curious soul and love to know how other people have found ways around the difficulties they face, expand my knowledge on conditions outside the ones that directly affect our small family, as well as be inspired by some of the most motivating individuals in the disability community!

All 20 Disabled Vloggers aka Disabled YouTubers listed below, I’ve been subscribed to and watched their videos for many-a-moon. Although I’m subscribed to far more, these are the go-to vloggers that I’ll never miss a beat from and therefore can recommend the most.

Without further adu, in no particular order – roll it!

1. Lizzy Bunton Vlogs

Disabled parenting and Lifestyle

maxresdefault (4)
Photo Credit: Lizzy Bunton Vlogs YouTube Channel

I came across Lizzy in my early disabled Mum days when I was looking for well, Mums with disabilities. She is one of only a handful, along with Gem (from ‘WheelsNoHeels’) of disabled Mum’s on YouTube who openly talks about motherhood with a disability on their channel. Lizzy is a busy Mum of 3 young children and lives with a form of Muscular Dystrophy called CMT (aka Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease). She’s a full-time wheelchair user with global muscle weakness, though is mostly affected in her legs, wrists and hands. Lizzy vlogs a WIDE range of things that you’ll find common with any “Mummy vlogger” such as food shopping or Primark hauls, day in a lifestyle content, arts and crafts sessions with her children, as well as disability-related things such as her experience moving onto Personal Independence Payment, parenting with CMT and wheelchair life awareness videos.

YouTube Channel – Lizzy Bunton Vlogs
Blog – www.haveyoutriedwalkinglately.wordpress.com

2. Ellie DP

Disability and Fashion

Photo Credit: Ellie DP YouTube Channel

Fresh out of University Ellie loves everything fashion and make-up related, as you’ll be able to tell from Methe many make-up tutorials, clothing hauls and outfits of the week look-books. It’s evident from the minute you start watching how funny and witty the 20-something year old is and her great sense of humour transpires through to her more serious videos where she discusses her life as a wheelchair-user with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

YouTube Channel – Ellie DP

3. Wheels No Heels

Disabled Parenting and Lifestyle

Photo Credit: Wheels No Heels YouTube Channel

Gem Hubbard does a fab range of wheelchair life videos, travel and general motherhood with a disability-focused content. The young Mum became a paraplegic at 9 years old after open heart surgery complications caused injury a spinal cord injury. Gem lives with her husband and 8-year-old daughter. Gem’s videos are highly informative to those not in the “disabled world,” answering society’s most asked questions surrounding wheelchair-users in a light-hearted and often humorous manner especially with her re-enactment videos. Her story time type vlogs are equally good, highly recommended!

YouTube Channel – WheelsNoHeels Gem Hubbard
Instagram – @wheelsnoheels_

4. Molly Burke

Blindness/Visual Impairment Advocate & Vlogger

Photo Credit: Molly Burke Official YouTube Channel

Molly is a high-profile motivational speaker living with blindness in LA. Her YouTube channel is primarily challenging damaging stigmas society holds in relation to blindness/visual impairments, educating viewers on what blind people can still do/accomplish regardless of their sight loss, as well as answering viewers questions on blindness and her guide dog Gallop who is almost always frequent in Molly’s vlogs. Having also collabed with many other popular YouTubers and in doing so using fun video ideas to engage and further educate all who watch.

YouTube Channel – Molly Burke Official
Instagram – @mollyburkeofficial

5. Jessica Kellgen-Fozard

Invisible Disabilities Advocate & Vintage Fashion

Photo Credit: Jessica Kellgen-Fozard YouTube Channel

Some would say Jessica’s a unique one to follow with her wardrobe full of vintage only 50-style dresses and strong focus on feminism and the LGBTQ community. Though I don’t watch all her videos (she produces A- Lot!), I do love how she is fluent in BSL and therefore signs, as well as adds closed captioning to all her YouTube videos – demonstrating how dedicated she is to making sure her channel has on par Accessibility features (something other YouTubers sadly neglect). Jessica is a fantastic advocate for invisible disabilities and chronic illnesses, frequently explaining how her conditions affect her in x, y and z ways and really spelling it out to her audience exactly why people with less noticeable disabilities still need to use accommodations, adaptations and disabled access features in the community.

YouTube Channel – Jessica Kellgen-Fozard
Twitter – @jessicaOOTC

6. Isabelle Weall

Disability/Amputee Awareness & Lifestyle

Photo Credit: B-TV Documentaries

15-year-old quadruple amputee and National Trampolining Champion Izzy is paving the way on YouTube with 120,000 subscribers to educate the world on what life is like after she had to have her arms and legs amputated at just 7 years old after meningitis nearly took her life. Izzy showcases many videos on make-up tutorials, fashion, day in the life, her trampolining career and much more. She’s even been invited to join Team BRIT to possibly become one of the first quadruple amputees to ever race competitively! I am hooked on learning through Izzy, all the tips and tricks of everyday life with no lower extremity and find her videos so empowering to watch as a disabled person myself.

YouTube Channel – Isabelle Weall
Instagram – @itz.izz

7. Simply Emma

Accessibility and Travel Blogger

maxresdefault (1)
Photo Credit: SimplyEmma’s YouTube Channel

My good friend and one of the UK’s top leading disabled travellers Emma Muldoon from Stirling, Scotland has just last year expanded from her super popular travel blog, into the world of vlogging! On Emma’s channel you can find everything from Accessibility reviews on hotels she’s stayed at, music gigs she’s attended with hubby Allan and some lovely seasonal videos such as ice-skating in a powerchair and a wheel through of Edinburgh’s Christmas Markets. Please subscribe to her channel to help Emma’s YouTube channel reach as many people as her blog has, helping to spread the message of where are the best places to go up and down the country (and abroad) if you’re a wheelchair user.

YouTube Channel – SimplyEmma
Blog – www.simplyemma.co.uk

8. A Journey in my Wheels

Disability Awareness, Accessibility & Lifestyle

Photo Credit: A Journey in my Wheels YouTube Channel

Dundee Ambassador for the online travel accessibility resource ‘Euan’s Guide’ – Claire is an up and coming YouTuber who loves to travel to new places and uses her condition and circumstances as an opportunity to promote much needed awareness of the accessibility issues wheelchair-users like her face on a daily basis, while troubleshooting them in the same breath as to how to not let the fact the world isn’t built for people like us, affect an individuals ability to venture out and about just like the rest of society. She’s also been doing some clothing hauls lately which I’m very much enjoying!

YouTube Channel – Claire’s A Journey in my Wheels
Blog – www.ajourneyinmywheels.org

9. Squirmy & Grubs

Inter-able Relationship Awareness & Lifestyle

Photo Credit: Squirmy & Grubs YouTube Channel

Shane Burcaw – author of the highly praised children’s book ‘Not so Different’ and owner of the soaring charity ‘Laughing at my Nightmare‘ is an American vlogger living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. He and his long term girlfriend Hannah created a YouTube channel after far too many people wrongly presumed Hannah to be Shane’s ‘nurse.’ Wanting to educate and challenge the stigmas surrounding people with disabilities and relationships, they began to spread awareness and answer society’s most curious questions surrounding what is termed as “inter-able” relationships (where one partner is disabled and the other isn’t). I LOVE that this double-act decided to use their predicament surrounding peoples assumption as an awareness opportunity, plus they make for some pretty amusing viewing with their road trips and general day in the life vlogs as well!

YouTube Channel – Squirmy & Grubs
Instagram – @shaneburcaw

Why not check out some of Shanes books?

10. Holly Vlogs

Budget/Poundland Hauls & Asperger Syndrome Awareness

Photo Credit: Holly Vlogs YouTube Channel

I didn’t even recognise Holly had Asperger Syndrome (a form of Autism) until around a year into watching her Poundland hauls, when she started to explain why she was so good at budgeting, couponing, anything money related. Many people on the spectrum have a special interest, though some refer to them as their ‘obsession’ – it just so happened for Holly it was helping not only her own family save money but her 100,000± YouTube subscribers too! I love watching Holly Vlogs as she unintentionally started creating more awareness of girls/women on the spectrum and showing society that despite the challenges that accompany the condition, many with Aspergers do go on to have families and children. Holly has 2 gorgeous daughters who are frequently in the vlogs along with her hubby. So if you could do with building your penny pinching skills, definitely ‘smash that subscribe button!’ Ha

YouTube Channel – Holly Vlogs
Facebook Page – Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK

11. The Frey Life

Cystic Fibrosis, Assistance Dog Awareness & Daily Vloggers

Photo Credit: The Frey Life YouTube Channel

The Frey Life was originally a Cystic Fibrosis awareness channel until they got SO many followers interested in their family life – which consists of devoted Christians Mary, her husband Peter and Mary’s service dog Ollie – that they then took on daily vlogging! My knowledge of CF has definitely come mostly from Mary’s Q & A and morning routines videos (which demonstrate just how intense the daily management of Cystic Fibrosis is). Married at a young age, Mary and Peter are just the most well gelled, happy and uplifting couple to watch on YouTube aside from all things CF and if you’ve got a soft spot for dogs, Ollie is oh so adorable – I’d watch just for him!

YouTube – The Frey Life
Instagram – @thefreylife

12. MakeupJunkieG

Beauty & Fashion Vlogger

Photo Credit: MakeupJunkieG YouTube Channel

I’ve only recently discovered JunkieG from surfing some make-up tutorials. G is a self-proclaimed beauty “Queen” and refers to all her viewers as “Queens” as well, to promote how everybody is beautiful no matter what which I loooove! Her fortay is every from make-up reviews/looks, skincare routines to fashion and look-books. She hardly mentions her condition, though does use a powerchair and has skeletal dysplasia (a form of dwarfism) – amongst other things. Though disability awareness isn’t what she’s all about, this girl is a fab role model for young women/teens with disabilities in general as her channel is geared towards early teens-mid 20s. G has however revealed her struggles with Chronic pain and how she manages this which is something I’ve noticed not many disabled YouTubers will delve into. Good on ya G! As a fellow Chronic pain sufferer, I salute you for being open about this on your platform!

YouTube Channel – MakeUpJunkieG
Instagram – @makeupjunkieg

13. Amy Lee Fisher

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome & Chronic Illness Awareness

Photo Credit: Amy Lee Fisher YouTube Channel

Amy, from the land down under (Australia) is the most in-tune with her body individual I’ve ever witnessed! Her videos are 95% focused on educating on her chronic illnesses inc. EDS, gastropareses amongst others. Dependant on nutrition via a port in her chest, Amy shares morning routines, hospital day in the lives and feeding tube management tutorials aimed at other people with similar conditions, though very much feeding healthy individuals natural curiosity on life with these additional essentials. My favourite thing about Amy is she teaches other patients in such a candid way that tells the reality but keeps things very light and upbeat at the same time which would be most reassuring to those new to living with a central/hickman line or various feeding tubes. Although Amy’s condition(s) are very serious, she is incredibly accustomed to what it means for her daily life and I admire how she appears to take everything in her stride.

YouTube Channel – Amy Lee Fisher
Instagram – @_aimeelee

14. Chronically Jaquie

Chronic Illness, Hospital Life & Assistance Dog Awareness

maxresdefault (2)
Photo Credit: Chronically Jaquie’s YouTube Channel

Jaquie Beckwith from the US lives with 8 chronic conditions including; Mitochondrial disease, EDS, POTS, and gastropareses and has a medically trained assistance dog named Harlow! Her candid speaking and raw vlog footage of life with severe chronic illnesses have provided ‘Chronically Jaquie’ with an outstanding 120,000 subscribers! You’ll find many hospital life vlogs on her channel and equally as many educational tutorials on Harlow and former assistance dogs Jaquie has had. In fact she has a whole playlist of Q and A videos on everything her viewers have ever asked or would ever want to know about assistance dogs, their training, lifestyle etc. You name it, she’s gone above and beyond to answer it. You don’t even have to have a chronic illness or interest in it to fall in love with this channel, all you need is a love for mans best friend!

YouTube Channel – Chronically Jaquie

15. Shelbykins xo

Beauty, Fashion & Disability

maxresdefault (3)
Photo Credit: Shelbykinsxo YouTube Channel

Like many young YouTubers, Shelby is obsessed with make-up and fashion and like MakeupJunkieG (#12), is an amazing role model for young disabled women. Shelby is the first YouTuber I’ve come across who doesn’t let NIV (Non-invasive ventilation) get in the way of her online career, even if it does make make-up tutorials more challenging – Shelby proves that you can still slap on your war paint as good as the next girl, mask or no mask! Watching her videos definitely helped me feel less self-conscious about wearing NIV myself which not many of my readers are aware I do – although no full-time. With a one of a kind imagination and a good support network, Shelby produces look-books, music video re-enactments, Primark/New Look Hauls and much more.

YouTube Channel – Shelbykins xo
Instagram – @shelbykinsxo

16. Agony Autie

Autism & Asperger Syndrome Awareness

Photo Credit: Agony Autie’s YouTube Channel

Sara Harvey from Chester started “Agony Autie” as an Autism advocacy, awareness and training platform for anybody – whether that be parents of autistic children, health professionals or the general public – to learn the in’s and out’s of being an “Autie” in a world where everybody strives to be “normal,” an unattainable plight as everybody’s perception of the word differs! I came across Sara originally from her Facebook LIVE’s on her ongoing issues on Northernrail trains as a mobility scooter user with Ehler Danlos Syndrome. Sara’s free educational videos on everything autism gave me such a better understanding of how variable it is and even encouraged me to seek an Autism Awareness Diploma, which I have just completed. This woman is one of the most passionate advocates in the disability community I can name and I just love how she’s able to deliver training on ASD’s as someone with autism because I’m a firm believer people with the condition are the greater experts!

YouTube Channel – Agony Autie
Facebook Page – Agony Autie

17. Tiffani Ntanos

Quadriplegic Life & Cancer Treatment Diaries

Photo Credit: Tiffani Ntanos YouTube Channel

After a tragic pool accident that left Tiffani a quadriplegic, she began a YouTube channel in an effort to teach other wheelchair users and quench others curiosity on how wheelchair users do day-to-day tasks. The 1st video of hers I watched was how she stripped and make her bed given her level of injury. She then moved on to do story-time vlogs on life events, which to some viewers shock – Tiffani’s real and bold character surfaces and she doesn’t hold back the punches on her feelings over her circumstances. Unlike most YouTubers, Tiffani is most down to earth and again “real” which make her videos so easy to watch. I cried along with her when she later got diagnosed with cancer, after some utterly horrific bullying in the comment section over people assuming the girl was anorexic. Tiff allowed us to follow her chemo journey and even filmed the practicality issues wheelchair users face in hospital – a place one would assume be perfectly fine for someone with a disability. If you don’t mind a bit of swearing, please go give Tiff your support, this young woman is truly a force to be reckoned with.

YouTube Channel – Tiffani Ntanos

18. Katzclawz

Disability, Accessibility Advocate & Beauty Vlogger

Photo Credit: Katzclaws YouTube Channel

Zebedee Management disabled model and Yorkshires Ambassador of AccessAble Kat Pemberton is a 21 beauty vlogger originally from Ukraine, now living in the UK. Kat is a seasoned make-up pro, with a particular talent for eye shadow tutorials. Her channel is very 50/50 on beauty and disability awareness. The later is usually incorporated through health update vlogs or her involvement with various accessibility brands that are paving the way to make for a more accessible Britain. Kat is very open about sexuality on her channel and is quite possibly one of the higher profile disabled YouTubes who take part in Pride events and discuss their involvement in the LGBTQ scene which is incredibly brave and shows how passionate she is on equal rights.

YouTube Channel – Katzclaws
Instagram – @katzclaws

19. Tess Daly

Beauty & Disability Influencer

Photo Credit: Tess Daly YouTube Channel

Iconic disabled beauty vlogger Tess from Sheffield who lives with Spinal Muscular Atrophy demonstrates on her YouTube channel, how to do stunning make-up routines with limited strength and movement that also affects the arm muscles. Her ability to improvise with PA support, using household props or more recently using the Neater Arm Supports (that are fixed to the body of a person’s powered wheelchair) is incredible. I love how she shows us that it doesn’t matter how weak your arms are, you can follow her tutorials to recreate each look video by video.

YouTube Channel – Tess Daly

Instagram – @tess.daly

20. Zach Anner

Disability Activist & Comedian

maxresdefault (5)
Photo Credit: Zach Anner’s YouTube Channel

Zach is probably the most well known disabled YouTuber after his quest for the rainbow bagel went viral on social media, highlighting the struggles as a New Yorker, a wheelchair user with Cerebral Palsy trying to navigate the city just to get breakfast. I LOVE this guy! He takes the mick out of himself constantly which make the able community more relaxed around people with disabilities, the beauty of comedy! Zach’s also a great role model for younger disabled people given all his accomplishments in his career. If you haven’t seen a Zach Anner video, where have you been? Everybody needs a bit of Zach in their life! Go on, check him out – you know you want to…

YouTube Channel – Zach Anner

Facebook Page – The Offical Fan page of Zach Anner

Why not check out Zach’s book?

Have I missed anybody who deserves to be shouted about? Let me know in the comments and tell readers what you like most about them.

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