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I get a big kick out of wrapping everyone’s Christmas prezzies each year, and like many Mum’s you will find me up until 4am Christmas Eve still working hard as Santa’s helper – all to see the amazement on my little girls faces.

Though in that same breathe, I do struggle with some aspects of gift wrapping. Whether it be not actually being able to lift the presents and re-position them to wrap or not having the arm strength to navigate cutting rolls of wrapping paper etc, so there’s definitely been a lot of trial and error since being very much Santa’s right hand WOman. Despite this there’s nothing that gets me into the Christmas spirit more than a good wrapping session with a bit of fizz and Crimbo classics singing away on the good ole’ Alexa.

So without waffling on further, I’d like to share some of the best things I’ve discovered to make wrapping your own gifts more disabled-friendly with you lovely lot!

Beautiful effortless bows!

Christmas image of presents under a snow frosted tree. The gifts are wrapped with a rustic traditional theme with various colours of pull bows
200pcs Glitter Pull Bows 2 Styles – £11.99

Want your presents to pop with elegant ribbon bows to make them look extra fancy? Perhaps buying reels of ribbon to do DIY luxurious bows will be money well… Wasted due to limitations with your hands. You can actually buy packs of pre-made traditional bows and just stick them in the centre, top corner or pair with a wrap around ribbon, I promise nobody will be able to tell the difference whether it was all you or a bit of pre-made magic. Check out the set above for a GREAT deal that’ll last you a few Christmases (unless of course you’re a bit gift crazy!)

Combating a sticky situation

A transitional tape ispenser with curated edge to cut but also fitted with a bench clamp to keep dispenser in place as you pull for more tape
Sellotape Dispenser with clamp from Zoro – £12

Traditional sellotape can be a nightmare at the best of times, easily folding under and sticking back on itself, leaving you in a sticky situation. Here are some nifty tape tools that could keep you out of trouble!

– Bench clamp tape dispensers

– Sellotape on-hand dispensers

– Using glue dots

Troubleshooting cutting

A gliding paper cutter on a rotating barrel
A4 Rotary Paper Trimmer from Amazon – £14.99

For people with conditions such as Cerebral Palsy may struggle to use traditional scissors. Here are 3 suggestions that combat this by using a different tool that does the same job,

– Rotary trimmer machines

– Handheld rotary titanium paper cutters

– Using kid safety scissors

Find out if the store offers a gift wrap option

For those with profound disabilities involving hand movement, it maybe worth seeing if the store you’re purchasing for offers a gift wrap service for a small fee. I know Amazon does for almost any purchase and places like Selfridges, Debenhams and sometimes M & S will ask you at the till if you’d like anything gift wrapped.

Tag team with your PAs or a festive friend!

A lady weathering a knit jumper with her arms full of gift wrapping supplies

If like me gift wrapping services are not within your budget and there are things the above tools just don’t cut (see what I did there? 😉) there is no shame in roping in an extra pair of hands and making wrapping your gifts this year a joint effort. I often deligate the things I find hardest to my PA and I do the parts I know I CAN do either with snazzy gadgets like in this post or independently, therefore I still get that sense of accomplishment and the gifts get wrapped to where I’m 100% happy.

I do pay my PA out of pocket (as if you’re on Direct Payments helping with this stuff isn’t a “care need”) so it’s nice they get a little Christmas bonus for helping and you can relax knowing everything is in hand. Or simply rope in a friend with free time – even better!

Best of luck and I hope some of these suggestions have been helpful. That’s a wrap….

Have you found anything particularly helpful out of the suggestions? Or perhaps there’s something you use that isn’t mentioned, let us know about your wrapping go-to tools that make this task easier for you!

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