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With Christmas less than 3 weeks away, everybody is frantically scrambling to get their loved ones prezzies in time for the big day. Me being one of those people! This includes getting something for my PAs.

For those who maybe new to my blog, due to the extent of the limitations caused by my disability, I am in receipt of Direct Payments – a government scheme where people with profound disabilities can be given funding directly to hire and manage their own daily care. So the person with the disability becomes an employer and has ALL the responsibilities of one. It’s a big undertaking, but for me and many others living with a progressive condition, it makes you feel more in control of your life and that’s what I love about the scheme.

It’s always been a priority to me to make sure my PAs know how much they’re appreciated. I’m under no disillusion that looking after my needs is hard work and sadly I’m under the thumb of the local authority, whom like many across the country are strapped for cash in this area thanks to the abolishment of the Independent Living Fund (ILF) in 2015, so my PAs get a piddly £7.83 minimum wage on weekdays. Although what my care team get paid is beyond my control, I can make sure they know how much them working for me means and truly enables me to lead my best life. One way of doing this is by putting an effort into gifts for my staff at Christmas.

There’s a very fine line you have to balance between being professional and not being too pally with your PAs, but also making their working environment comfortable and friendly. The same goes for gifts, try to keep it generic but personalised to them so it looks like you put thought into it but you don’t appear to be so specific that it seems the work relationship gets blurred as often that’s when things get awkward!

Let’s dive into my tried and tested Holiday Gift Guide for your Personal Assistants/Carers…

For the Netflix & Chill homebody…

Lilac and white themed boxed gift set featuring tatty Teddy. Inside is a fluffy small hot water bottle, mug and bed socks
Me To You Tatty Teddy – Snuggle giftset – £14.99

If you’ve got a laid back, home body, likes their creature comforts type PA this gift set example would be perfect. This particular set includes a fluffy travel sized hot water bottle, mug and cosy bed socks, just the thing for relaxing at home infront of the TV on a cold winter evening. Just search “hot water bottle/cosy giftsets” on Amazon to find the best one to suit your PAs style. There’s definitely plenty to choose from!

For the fitness fanatic…

Framed cartoon image of an avocado working out, headband on, huffing and puffing with a hola hoop round its middle. Around it reads;
Avo-Cardio Home Gift Framed Print – £3.80

Got a dedicated to the gym, energiser bunny on your hands? Check out this funny framed Avocado that’s bound to bring out a smile and some motivation when the going gets tough.

For the traditional type…

Rustic tall, duck egg blue tin with mason jar type closure. Inside contains 12 chocolate chip cookies
Cartwright & Butler Chocolate Chunk Biscuits in Tin – £8.50

I particularly like this one because it’s both thoughtful, yet still generic. Without being a dreaded toiletry set! Appropriate for PAs who’ve not been working for you long or got an older employee, or if you just want to play it safe. Amazon has a WIDE range of different biscuit gift sets if you think they’d prefer shortbread or custard creams instead. Play it even safer and pick a variety pack tin! There’s so many festive designed tins to choose from and they can then use them for other things once all the goods are long gone…

For the pamper queen…

Stunning baby blue and snow flakes wrapped box with dark blue ribbon tied in a box ontop. Inside is 6 blue/white/silver decorated bauble style bath fizzers
Bath Bomb Cosmetics ‘Let it Snow’ Handmade Gift Pack – £12.86

Got a PA who loves life’s little luxuries? Chances are if they’re quite girly in general, they’ll love some bath goodies as they can be quite expensive at other times of the year. Or maybe they don’t treat themselves often and they’re in some desperate need of some self-love. These are a good alternative to toiletries and look beautiful in the water! Look at how gorgeous the box is. Just make sure your PA doesn’t have any allergies/skin sensitivities to their contents.

For the thrill seeker…

Two friends of the opposite sex looking out across railings excitedly, dressed in flying gear
Climb Up the 02 Experience Day from – £36 from ‘Into the Blue’

Perhaps your PA loves to live a little and walk on the wild side of life. Consider an experience day gift card, with so many activity options to choose from at reasonable prices from ‘Into the Blue’, you can’t go wrong! Yes they’re more on the expensive side so I’d reserve this for a long outstanding PA who you do know very well.

Tip – Take advantage of Amazon’s giftwrap option if you struggle to wrap gifts independently or particularly if the PA you’re buying for brings in/opens parcels on your behalf! Alternatively many shopping centres have volunteers to wrap presents for customers for much cheaper in the weeks leading upto Christmas, very helpful if you’re buying in-store rather than online.

There you have it! I hope this gave you some ideas if you’re struggling with ideas this year. A well cared for PA is a happy PA 👍

What did you buy for your care team this year? The more ideas to share the merrier.


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