Favourites Of An Ambitious Turtle | Sept 2018

It’s crazy how fast September whizzed by. It seems like a blink ago we were all sweating to death in the 3 month long freak heatwave. Now the littles are all a year older, all set in the new school year and I’m back to being up at crack of dawn on the dreaded school run. Missing summer already! Here’s my round-up for September…


Just as I finally kitted out my wardrobe full of weather appropriate attire for the summer, we’re plummeted into needing to pull out the knit wear again! I’m still trying to adjust my wardrobe in general to my new mum bod (currently on a weight loss journey but more about that in a later post). So I donated all my autumn/winter gear that was just making me feel fat and bad about my new figure, instead of it being a constant reminder every morning that I’m no longer a stick insect! Being able to give clothing that was still in good nick to charity is always a good feeling and means although I cannot enjoy my old faves anymore – someone else can. Win-win 👍

Bagging Striped Jumper with a solid block of colour in mustard yellow across shoulders and upper chest, the rest of the jumper is thick block white and black stripss
Pretty much everywhere clothing wise was an assortment of mustard. Mustard jumpers, corduroy skirts, women’s pinafores, even mustard tartan coats and tights. Absolutely everywhere. To be honest mustard has never been a colour I’ve tried before so when I saw this striped mustard number in New Look, I thought I’d give it a try and you know what? I quite like it! It was definitely more money than I usually care to spend on myself (since gone down to £12 see above link 👆) but I’m trying really hard at the moment to get myself back after years of focusing on my littles and putting myself on the back burner. I’m 99% sure every Mum of young children can relate to that feeling of losing yourself, your identity with motherhood. It’s so hard to get that balance right of putting your littles first but also taking care of yourself. Such a hard balance…


As September was the big birthday month, including for me – I turned 30! AHHHH! My mother-in-law treated me to a fabulous technics make-up box which looks so professional and will surely last me a good few years! Totally spoilt for choice with eye shadows now, which is great after Ava managed to get into my make-up bag recently and my 2 small eye shadow palettes were just beyond saving…


Abbie Starting Year 1
I cannot believe my biggest baby girl is in Year 1 already. I know its cliché but time with Abbie in particular has just gone so fast. She’s grown at least 2 inches over the summer, so we had to fork out for a whole new uniform (with the exception of school jumpers) to make up for it before the new term began. She has adjusted really well to her new classroom enviroment, new teacher and thankfully some of her Reception friends are in her class this year too! The only sad bit about this big milestone is because of the situation with my failing powerchair, it’s constant unreliability outdoors meant I wasn’t able to take her on her first day this year.

To learn more about what’s going on with my chair, why I’m fundraising for a new one and think you in anyway can help please click the link below 👇

An flyer asking for assistance from local Bolton residents to help me organise a family fun day in aid of the new powerchair I'm trying to raise funds for.
Abbie & Ava’s Joint Birthday Party
Handmade unicorn cake with girly eye lashes, cartoon facial features, covered in colourful piping for the hair and a purple edible glitter horn made out of icing.

My daughters birthdays are just 4 days apart! Nope we didn’t plan it that way… So I’ve resided myself to that fact, financially it makes more sense to do mostly joint parties or family get together and save the separate doo’s for the bigger age milestones. Such as many years from now when they’ll be turning 16 and 18 within days of each other! I’m breaking a sweat just thinking about how much planning that’s gonna take….

Abbie turned 6 and Ava turned 3. The girls Auntie is incredible at baking and made the girls a joint birthday Unicorn cake using a receipt from This Morning. The girls absolutely loved it. We didn’t have a party as such, just family over with their cousins etc and opened presents and such. It was lovely and great to see everyone too!
My Surprise 30th Birthday
Then it was my turn! If you don’t follow my socials (highly recommend you do! Hit the buttons at the top of this page to add and follow) I actually share my birthday with my youngest daughter Ava. Whilst she turned 3 on 24th Sept, I turned the big 3-0! Oh my goodness I really never saw myself at 30. Definitely of the mindset of having numerous medical “experts” drill into you that you have a life-limiting condition and won’t reach this or that age. My lady “deadline” if you will (pun intended) was 30 and here I am still kicking about! It goes to show despite textbooks, x amount of cases or prognosis, you are you and you follow your own path regardless.
Photo of me at the table, Ava on my lap both wearing nice smart casual attire during surprise family meal at the restaurant

My family arranged a joint surprise birthday party at a local fancy restaurant The Retreat here in Bolton, along with my father-in-law who turned 60 this month too. I wasn’t kidding when I said there’s alot of birthdays for us in September lol! I give them their due, they did manage to keep it a surprise right upto the moment we got there, it was nice it was literally a 10 minute roll from our house. We took the girls too which made it extra special. I had a lush mojito mocktail and a delicious lemon chicken dish, which I shared with Ava. Yes, even on my birthday Mummy doesn’t get her food to herself but in all honesty I get more gratification over the fact she’s eating something, even if it is often my food! That’s toddlers for you.

It was a really lovely night and the first surprise party I’ve had so that made if all the more special. Brilliant memory to add to the photo album!

Have you enjoyed anything in particular this month? Why not share some of Your faves from this month below.

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