Life of an Ambitious Turtle 🐒 Favourites | June 2018

Thumbnail Image: Me in a white sunhat, make up on smiling

Decided to jump on the bandwagon with a favourites series as I often get alot of questions on Instagram on where I got this or that and where we’ve ventured to lately. So welcome to the first installment of my monthly “Favourites” series…


Now that both my littles are in school and nursery, I’m starting to get a bit of “me” back. Every Mum goes through the realisation after the first few years that you find yourself so neck deep in Motherhood before you know it, you’ve lost what made you – you. Before I became a Mum, I was mega into fashion and I’m determined to find a new style to go with the new me. I’m super body conscious as I’ve had 2 c-sections, I’ve got the Mummy muffin top to contend with, plus I’m sat down all day long being a full-time wheelchair user which just emphasises the podge even more!

Tropical Jumpsuit – Peacocks Β£25

When I went shopping early last week and saw this, I was in two minds. 1. I REALLY loved the print and it was so my personality but 2. I had very little confidence I could pull it off. Eventually I decided for probably the 1st time in my life that I would get something that’s in trend, that I loved but was outside my comfort zone and just buy it and see. I’m so glad I did because despite I’m still self-conscious about my stomach and upper arms (hate them being on show) I’ve had so many compliments wearing this jumpsuit that I’m beginning to realise maybe alot of this is in my head. It’s been a very long time since I’ve actually shopped beyond Primark for myself, I tend to neglect my own wardrobe needs and buy the girls lovely things.

[IMAGE: Me and my daughter in Primark. I'm wearing the tropical jumpsuit which has a halter neck and green leafy and hot pink floral print throughout. Abbie, 5 is pulling a grumpy face]

White Summer Hat – Peacocks Β£12 πŸŒŸ NOW Β£5.50 🌟

I originally went to Primark to seek out a hat. If you know me I like hats because I don’t wear my hair up and this is a stylish way to keep it out of my face! Everything this June as far as hats go in Primark were all very tan and straw like. I wanted something that’d go with anything and didn’t feel so rough and get caught on my hair as it’d be bumping on my headrest as I go about my day. I am still in shock I bought a Β£12 hat! That’s expensive in my eyes but going back to the jumpsuit, I’m not used to treating myself. It was money well spent as I’ve worn it everyday out in this glorious weather we’ve been having πŸ‘.


Maybelline 24hr Superstay 2-in-1 lipstick

[IMAGE: Stock image from Google of the Maybelline Superstay Colour 2-in-1 lipsticks]

Treated myself to a new shade of my fave lip colour line by Maybelline – Forever Heather (see above photos). I discovered this line of long wear lip colour around 10 years ago and I have never tried anything else because I feel this has everything I want from a lipstick. 1. They have a beautiful array of colour choice and 2. It actually lasts over 24hrs (on me at least). The long wear is important to me as it takes alot of ‘spoons’ to do my make-up, so having to re-apply it throughout the day would be difficult for me. Doing my make up is something I still have the ability to do so it makes sense to buy more long wearing products, that are slightly more expensive because saving on spoons is a must!

Don’t get the ‘spoon’ reference? Click here to learn about ‘The Spoon Theory’


Permobil F3 Powered Wheelchair

[IMAGE: Stock image of the Permobil F3 powered wheelchair. Showing its various tilt and recline capabilities. It is all black and has a choice of different coloured rims and chassis. It is a front wheel drive - where the big wheels are at the front and the small at the back]
Many of my Facebook friends will know I’ve been looking into my next powerchair as my current has reached its expiry date. Unfortunately, most powerchairs only last 3-5 years for everyday, all terrain, day in-and-out users like myself. My powerchair has to contend with all types of weather, British terrain and two monkeys climbing all over it everyday. So when my friends suggested a Permobil might actually be better for my lifestyle as a Mum that’s always on the go with the kids, I made an appointment for a local Permobil Rep to let me demo the new holy grail of powerchairs from the comfort of my own home. Win-win!

I fell in love with the Permobil F3 as it copes so much better outdoors than any powerchair I’ve ever had and that’s saying something because I’m been a wheelchair user since early childhood. Peter the rep even managed to demo some of their much better specialist seating systems that will help compensate the weakness in my trunk muscles and my tendency to prop myself up on my left forearm due to Scoliosis. I was so impressed with all the options that could potentially help with my pain and pressure areas I’ve always struggled with. Not only that but the chairs suspension is out  of  this world! I have metal rods in my spine from neck, fused right into my pelvis so I really feel every knock and bump of the ground I’m rolling on, but with this bad boy I felt like I was rolling on carpet but I was on an uneven pavement. Sadly, in order to purchase one of these that would give me a better quality of life, I’m going to have to compile several disability grants and do some fundraisers. Watch this space! This Ambitious Mama might have to change the blog name from turtle to hare if I manage to raise the funds…

BBQ with Family

Last weekend we were invited over to my sister-in-laws for a BBQ in the back garden and they’d also bought a little kiddie pool so all the kids could play together outdoors. It was such a lovely afternoon, the girls thoroughly enjoyed splashing about with their cousins and it was so nice to catch up with them as we don’t see them much.

Getting to use the Changing Places toilet in Bolton Interchange for the 1st time!

[IMAGE: Me sat in my powerchair smiling in the centre of the Changing Places toilet in Bolton Interchange. Shows a spacious room with modern black bathroom tiles. Ceiling track hoist and foldable adult size changing bench in view]
Yes a toilet has made it on my favourites this month. Why? If you’re new to my blog my muscle-wasting condition means I cannot use standard disabled toilets. Changing Places toilets are specialist facilities with 2 bits of essential equipment. 1. A ceiling track hoist for transferring with the help of a carer and 2. An adult size changing bench. I was sooo excited that Bolton Council decided to include a Changing Places loo in their Β£48 million Interchange Overhaul last year, as before this the nearest accessible loo for my needs was 2hrs away at the Trafford Centre. Thumbs up for Bolton Council for catering for its residents and visitors with complex needs/ profound disabilities πŸ‘

Have you enjoyed anything in particular this month? Why not share some of Your June faves below πŸ‘‡


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One thought on “Life of an Ambitious Turtle 🐒 Favourites | June 2018

  1. Oh wow, loving that jumpsuit and summer hat. I have one of those in straw yellow from Tescos. Perfect for the hot weather we have been having. I think we are all a bit guilty for not treating ourselves every now and again. But we definitely should. That changes places facility is awesome! I've not seen these before. Thanks for joining us for the #dreamteam x


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