Tips for the Disabled eBay Buyer / Seller

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? From car boot sales, to 2 for 1 in Poundland to bundles of whatever you could ever want on eBay for a fraction of the RRP. I know I do!

When I ventured into the land of Online shopping and opened a PayPal account, eBay was one of the first ventures I wanted to explore. Hearing the possibilities are endless and the bargains other people were getting, I just had to see what all the hype was.

Now I’ve been an avid eBay Buyer/Seller for 12 years. Sold over 3500 second hand items and actually made a small profit to spend where I really needed it, on my children. I don’t know where I’d be without it in all honesty! Now I want to share with you my tips to successfully shopping and selling on eBay….

Here are my, “Top Tips for the Disabled eBay Buyer”

1. When looking for “disablility/mobility aids” on eBay…if the actual product brand/name gives very few results, try describing the item in the search box.
<a a="" and="" buy="" filter="" heavy="" href="; i="" in="" it="" item="" keep="" large="" ll="" onblur="j in "Suction seal grab bars/rails." Playing around with wording and terminology can really pay off πŸ˜‰

2. The reason extortionate P&P is making the list is because mobility equipment can be pretty heavy as we all know. So when you buy it second hand, the seller has to pay a specific courier that” packaging=”” possible=”” safe=”” search=”” take=”” the=”” to=”” transit.=”” where=”” your=””>COLLECTION ONLY local to you! If that still draws up blanks, then weigh up postage costs other sellers are saying in comparison to see which will actually save you money. Don’t just go for the first good looking ad on the item you want. It’s worth it spending that extra time comparing ads.
“Excellent” condition as the seller is saying in the description box!

You’ve got to be SO careful buying second hand mobility/daily life aids because at the end of the day you’ll be depending on this item to be reliable and in good working order to help you, not hinder you…

4. Most sellers of mobility/daily life aids on eBay are actually companies with overstock and therefore it’s worth browsing their other items for sale and get combined shipping!

5. Sometimes eBay isn’t always the cheapest option for disability related purchases. Especially if it’s quite a unique item or particularly large. It’s worth checking out the products manufacturers website to compare if you’ll actually save from an eBay supplier. Most manufacturers have FREE SHIPPING for items over a certain weight. EBay isn’t always the way to save. Do your research via Google first!

5. Don’t forget to use your “Watch List.” It’s just a click away so you’ll be able to compare ads easily and find things you want to purchase at a later date. If you find typing difficult, saving items to your Watch List will save you time and ⚑ energy.

Now let’s take the intimidating leap to SELLING on eBay…

1. Use Microsoft Word or another wordpad type computer program to copy all your ads to. Typing can be tiring and tedious especially if you have dexterity difficulties and/ use the onscreen keyboard. So you want to save your ad in “My Documents” to use as a template for any other similar item you’re selling separately. It’ll save you typing the same parts out over and over and it’s minimal editing to change it slightly for eg. Another pair of shoes in a different size/colour to the previous ad you put up. #Saveyourfingers

2. Use a courier company such as MyHermes to save you the trouble of getting your eBay packages to the Post Office or having to ask someone to post on your behalf. MyHermes charges 80p extra to come collect it from your door the very next day!!

3. Buy those plastic postage bags from.. You’ve guessed it…eBay! You can get anywhere from 5-500 bags in assorted sized for as little as Β£2.99! Well worth it. Buying packaging materials to pack it yourself at home or have someone help is way easier and most cost effective if you’re disabled.

4. If you struggle to use scissors βœ‚ you can fold the courier postage labels in half, so the senders address is against the package and the recipients address is facing outwards then secure it with sellotape!

5. This isn’t really recommended but I see alot of people doing this…For those who perhaps have spasms so taking pictures of the item you’re selling becomes too difficult to get a clear photo. Try looking up the product on Google, matching it to the one you’re selling and use that stock image instead! All you need to do is Right Click and Save to My Pictures on your PC and upload it from there to your eBay add.

I personally would do this mainly for items in excellent condition though. Always be clear and HONEST if theres any damage to the items box on otherwise Good condition items. There’s nothing more deflating that getting in an eBay dispute over an item the buyer feels was misled on via the item description…

There you have it! I hope some of these tips were helpful for you. If you have any of your own tips please share in the comment box below πŸ™‚

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