Potty Training with a Disability

I know what you’re thinking! Blimey, if Fi isn’t banging on about Changing Places she’ll find someway to discuss toilets in any way, shape or form haha. Serious though, do not waste money on toiletries for me for Christmas, pun intended! So amidst the Potty Training chaos our family has catapulted into head first now with my youngest Ava, while she sat watching Peppa Pig in the living room – all naturale…it came to me. I needed to do a blog post on how to handle Potty Training with a Disability, as yet again when I needed such a blog … Continue reading Potty Training with a Disability

The Ultimate Price for Mum of Disabled Daughter

DISCLAIMER: This post has sensitive content that centres around the tragic news story of a Mother of a disabled child who committed suicide. All facts stated in this post are pulled directly from press coverage, so I will not be held liable. Original source is in the ‘related links’ at the bottom of this post. PLEASE use your best judgement before proceeding.  I couldn’t read the devastating account of what happened with loving Mum of 2, Jane Kavanagh without pushing other blog post commitments aside tonight to write about everything that is wrong and could be learnt from by so … Continue reading The Ultimate Price for Mum of Disabled Daughter

A Guide to Exploring London as a Mum in a Wheelchair ♿

On 12th October 2018 we headed on the train from Manchester to London as a family for the National Muscular Dystrophy UK Conference, where I was appearing on a panel of incredible individuals – Lucy Watts MBE and Jamie Hale, to encourage others to (as the panel discussion title implies) – “Live the Life You Want.” Look out for a future blog on the MDUKConf18 After a long day speaking and mingling, we decided to make the most of our free evening before heading back home to a dreary Bolton, Manchester the following morning. Although blogging and guest speaking ventures have … Continue reading A Guide to Exploring London as a Mum in a Wheelchair ♿

Favourites Of An Ambitious Turtle | Sept 2018

It’s crazy how fast September whizzed by. It seems like a blink ago we were all sweating to death in the 3 month long freak heatwave. Now the littles are all a year older, all set in the new school year and I’m back to being up at crack of dawn on the dreaded school run. Missing summer already! Here’s my round-up for September… Fashion Just as I finally kitted out my wardrobe full of weather appropriate attire for the summer, we’re plummeted into needing to pull out the knit wear again! I’m still trying to adjust my wardrobe in … Continue reading Favourites Of An Ambitious Turtle | Sept 2018

Travelodge, Waterloo London | ♿ Review

On the 12th July 2018 I was amongst 40 fellow MDUK Trailblazers who headed to Parliament to celebrate #TrailblazersAt10! Commuting all the way from Greater Manchester for the main event meant I had to stay somewhere local overnight and that’s how I ended up in the most   incredibly   spacious    accessible hotel room I’ve stayed in to date! If you know me, you know 99% of the time I try and stay overnight (childcare permitting of course) to combat pain and fatigue so I’m ready for the main event – whatever that maybe. This time was in London for my … Continue reading Travelodge, Waterloo London | ♿ Review

I Risk My Life Everytime I Venture Out | #FitToBurst

Did the title grab your attention? No, it wasn’t clickbait. No, I’m not being dramatic and no, there isn’t another way out of this vicious cycle that I haven’t spent 14 years trying to make work to improve my situation. “ My name is Fi, I’m a 30 year old Mum of 2 little girls living in Bolton, Greater Manchester and I was born with an extremely rare, progressive muscle-wasting condition. I am totally dependant on a powerchair to mobilise, am completely non-ambulatory (unable to walk) and need help with most aspects of daily life. Including toileting. “ Maybe that … Continue reading I Risk My Life Everytime I Venture Out | #FitToBurst

10 Timeless Family Autumn Activities

And just like that the 4 month long freak British heatwave is over and we’re plummeted head first into a very brisk but welcome Autumn season! 1. Nature Walks Through The Park There’s nothing quite like an nature walk. With the tell-tale smell of damp earthy leaves that crunch beneath your feet (or wheels) and the windy rustle of the swaying trees overhead. Digging your hat and gloves out after many months, wrapping your littles up and heading out for a stroll in your local park. Although country parks have more to offer, your local park is just as good. … Continue reading 10 Timeless Family Autumn Activities

Quality of Life at a Cost | Why the Right wheelchair is Everything!

DISCLAIMER: Views contained in this post are my own or that of the featured individuals who’s stories are shared. This post in no way, shape or form an attack on NHS wheelchair services, merely the experiences of a specific group of wheelchair users living with progressive illnesses who need specialist wheelchair that cannot be catered for. When people think of disabled-related expenditures they think – taxis, adaptive aids in the home and perhaps even extra clothing, but what doesn’t jump to the forefront of people’s minds (even within the disability community at times) is the very thing that keeps us … Continue reading Quality of Life at a Cost | Why the Right wheelchair is Everything!

Physio After 18 | The Neuromuscular Centre Part II

This post is part of a mini-series that focuses on Physiotherapy for individuals with muscle-wasting condition, transitioning from children’s to adults services at age 18. I recommend you read *Part I* to gain a better insight to this topic. I left off in Part I briefly touching on the light at the end of the tunnel for many in the North of England and that is The Neuromuscular Centre!   The Neuromuscular Centre is a non-profit organisation based in Winsford, Cheshire that provides a centre of excellence in Physiotherapy for young people aging out of the system with all sorts … Continue reading Physio After 18 | The Neuromuscular Centre Part II